The whole "Ate My Balls" phenomenon started long ago with a little ol' web page named "Mr. T Ate My Balls." This web site was so funny, so clever that it started all of these other "Ate My Balls" pages. So, I am proud to present you with..."KEANU REEVES ATE MY BALLS!!"


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Keanu Reeves is a ball eater!! He likes to eat them lightly seasoned with a touch of parsley on the side. And after it all, he likes to wash it all down with some home-made ball juice...

Keanu drinking ball juice

Keanu often likes to admire other's balls...

...esspecially the balls of the people he loves. He also enjoys doing math with checking out another guy's package...

Keanu is pretty sneaky too...

Keanu also enjoys reciting Shakespeare while snacking on a crunchy pair of nads...

And you'll be glad to know that Keanu does in fact have standards...

But then again, they aren't very high!!

DISCLAIMER: i am in no way dissing the bodacious one, I LOVE HIM! Mail me and we could talk Keanu.

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Davis Senior High SUCKS BAD!!

Waterdown District High School SUCKS!!

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