Mr. T Ate My Balls!

We've been featured in:
Wired News - The Real Web Audio Interview
  • Dave Barry's Book "Dave Barry in Cyberspace"
  • Internet Underground Magazine
  • The Web Magazine
  • University of Florida's Independent Alligator Newspaper
  • An interview
    And who knows where else! If you know of any more, let me know

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    There is also The Ate My Balls Mega-Page

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    "We're just a bunch of crazy college kids up to no good..."
    -Homer J. Simpson
    Brought to you by the random mayhem of the men of Carr 3!
    They would be:
    Brian Richmond, Darius Mikrut, Skender Dragovoja, Jeff Waite, Matt Andersen, John Theobald, Jay Darfler, Matt Herman, Paul Wendt, Nasos, Mihalakas, Frank Schiraldi, and my (then) roommate Chi Le. (I think that's everyone)

    Happy Munching!
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