This page was inspired by the gaggle of Ate My Balls pages on the net. I was quite surprised to see that no one has created a Trent Reznor Ate My Balls page yet, so I took it upon myself to do so. This page is in no way meant to demean Trent Reznor, or his music. I like NIN, dammit!

 The Perfect Paco :-{- Wish there was something real in this world full of balls! Come hither!
 Um... Trent and a control board. This pic is from a video that Muchmusic never plays. Help me! I need balls!
 He dreamed a god up and ATE HIS BALLS! Ballpaper! When you're having trouble reading music, just remember...

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Note: Many people have emailed me and asked me to make a NIN fan page instead of this one. HELLO! Have you been to the Internet lately? There are 3198571380576586897391658713053187501638753106875103687531605876 NIN pages out there. Do we really need another one? Go here if you want a NIN page.
Also, I don't plan on updating this page until NIN release another album, so please stop asking for that too :)

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